Your child's first years of school are filled with many wondrous moments. It's a time of tremendous social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, and it can come and go before you know it. Focus of our toddler curriculum centers around language development, independence, creative movement, and peer socialization. Learning opportunities for toddlers are created with age appropriate application in mind. Toddlers need the freedom to explore their surroundings and dramatically recreate the world around them. Through play and review, our team prepare the children to advance to our preschool classroom.


The Pre-Nursery

Curriculum follows a play-based, thematic approach. Classroom activities such as craft projects, science explorations, and read-aloud are all centred around a unifying theme. This integrated approach to teaching and learning helps young children to delve into topics and learn about the world though hands-on experiences. Teachers use a wide variety of materials, games, and activities to teach children socialization and introduce skills such as letter recognition and counting. The children also go to Physical Education and Music classes outside of the classroom that are 30 minutes each.
The Pre-Nursery teachers communicate frequently with parents both in person and via email. The teachers see parents on a daily basis during drop-off and pick-up, which is a good time for short, informal conversations. Parent-teacher conferences are held four times a year along with write-ups of student progress. Teachers and parents foster strong, positive home-school connections.



Nursery students at Kinderfun preschool are part of a group of peers, playing, sharing, listening and doing things together. They transition away from parallel play and enjoy interacting and socializing with one another. They begin to learn responsibility by simple tasks that are assigned to them. For example, one student may be assigned to be the ‘snack helper’ for a couple of weeks. This gives the student practice in counting and help distribute the school snacks and cleaning up. The students learn important skills such as numbers, motor control, social responsibility, as these are the foundation for later academics and success in school. Students are exposed to materials that develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. The Nursery Program teaches children that learning is fun. The Nursery class is a well-rounded program. The students attend physical education and music twice a week, attend library once a week. Also, beginning in Nursery, the students are introduced to science where they perform age-appropriate hands on science experiments.


Kindergarten 1

The Kindergarten 1 curriculum follows a thematic approach. This allows children to delve deeply into topics and make connections. The Kindergarten 1 curriculum gives children foundational skills in reading, writing, and math. The children’s days are filled with joy and wonder, as they learn through a wide variety of hands-on experiences. The teachers include a balance of whole group, teacher-led and child centered independent activities. The children’s social development is fostered through activities that help the children learn to interact with each other and with their environment in positive ways. Addition, subtraction, number words, lifecycle of plants, butterfly, frog, floating & sinking, living non living things, sight words, sentence formation, nouns, verbs, opposites are few of the topics covered.


Kindergarten 2

Our Kindergarten 2 is focussed on making children read fluently most words. They get introduced to long vowels. Grammar & vocabulary is also taught with accompanying worksheets. Children get introduced to common aspects of primary school learning such as spelling, close comprehension, composition, logical sequencing etc. They move away from tactile learning and focus more on abstract learning As for mathematics, they work on vertical addition and subtraction with change. They also get introduced to common topics such as currency, time etc. We prepare our Kindergarten 2 children to take on the world.

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